Future performances

Future performances

Dearest 2.0

Roots Festival 2023 was a big succes and so we decided to repeat the festival in Theater Tinnenpot in Octobre. 

Where: Boffonzaal Theater Tinnenpot (Tinnenpotstraat 21, 9000 Gent)

When: the 16th of October at 2 p.m.


Roots Festival is a contemporary dance festival that we organise every last Thursdag and Friday of June. In this Festival, we try to end the season with a summary of what we stand for as an organization:

  • Creating and performing contemporary danceperformances for a broad inclusive audience.
  • Creating and performing dance pieces with (vulnurable) youth.
  • Creating stage opportunities. 


  • 'Dearest' by Roots Compagnie
  • 'Time' by Justine Bergez
  • 'Kronkelende weg' by Overkop and Jes Gent
  • Guestperformance by Rik Kaijser.
  • Guestperformance by Compagnie J
  • Guestperformance by Hellen Boyko.