Roots Compagnie is a Contemporary dance and performance company based in Ghent. We mainly focus on youth and vulnerable target groups, but we want to be accessible for everyone.

We make productions at all kinds of locations and love to take inspiration out of our surroundings. Another important source of inspiration are 'actual socially relevant themes'. We love to open conversations about themes we all experience but which are somehow hard to talk about, for example: perfection society, consumption, mourning, gender equality, etc. In that way we hope to broaden views, to stimulate a critical view and to encourage a sense of perspective.

Of course we perform in our own events, but of course you can always contact us to be part of your event or to perform in your enironment.

community arts and youth

Next to our own performances and we also offer workshops four youth, schools, organisations working with youth, vulnurable people etc. 

These can be anticipatory or reflective workshops in response to a performance to go deeper into the theme through dance and movement. In these workshops we can offer a deeper understanding of the themes from our performances on the one hand and on the other we want the participants to experience this in a different way. 

Another possibillity is to have a creative trajectory towards a performance for the participants themselves. In that case we work in a creative exploration to find a common movement language. After that we work together to create a creative endproduct which can be performed at one of our festivals or at the organisatin itself. We offer space to discover and develop talents but also the achieve a stage experience. Of course performance is never mandatory. We can also go through the whole process without the performance.

Let the body language speak! 

If you are interested in such workshops push the button below or email to

Roots Classes

We are a team of professional dancers and movement artists and we love to share our own knowledge with each other and others. We also want to keep learning ourselves so we also sometimes invite some guest teachers.

If you rare interested in that, keep an eye on our social media and our page 'Roots Classes'.

We offer classes, workshops, intensives and workshop series in for example: partnering, Flying Low, Passing Through, improvisation on stage, Fighting Monkey based movement, floorwork, Girly, afro-contemporary dance, floating points,...