Roots Compagnie believes in the power of dance

Dance as a way to communicate

Dance as a way to express yourself 

Dance as a way to connect

Dance as a way to feel yourself

Dance as a way to create

Dance as a way to empower

Dance as an essential human aspect we all share



In this vision we try to aim for 3 goals:

To create dance pieces about the unspoken subject

To create dance with youth and vulnurable youth

To create stage opportunities 

In addition to that we applaud continuing to learn


Roots Compagnie is a contemporary dance and performance company based in Ghent. We create pieces for a broad audience, but we also try to focus on inclusivity and vulnerable youth. 

The themes of our pieces are mostly inspired by difficulties in our society, things that many of us encounter, but that are little talked about. We like to create open conversations. For instance: perfection in society, consumption, mourning, gender equality, etc. By doing that, we hope to broaden views, to stimulate critical reflection and to encourage a sense of perspective.

We perform in our own festivals and events and those of our partners, but you can always contact us to be part of your event or to perform in your environment. We are both able to give you an insight in our portfolio and to create custom made performances at your preferred location.

Next to our own performances we love to provide stage opportunities for other artists.

Community arts and youth

As a cultural organisation, we offer workshops for youth or youth stimulating organizations, schools, vulnurable people etc. 

These can be anticipatory or reflective workshops in response to a performance, to go deeper into the theme through dance and movement. In these workshops, we can offer a deeper understanding of the themes from our performances on the one hand and on the other, we want the participants to experience this in their own, potentially different way. 

Another possibility is to set up a creative trajectory towards a performance. In that case we work in a creative exploration to find a common movement language. After that, we work together to create an artistic endproduct which can be performed at one of our festivals or at your organization. We offer space to discover and develop talents and to provide a (first) stage experience. Of course, a performance is never mandatory after the creative process.

Let the body language speak! 

If you are interested in that kind of workshops email to

Roots classes

We are a team of professional dancers and movement artists who love to share our knowledge, amongst ourselves and amongst others. Next to our own team we also invite guest teachers. 

The classes vary in style, level and objective.

If you are interested in any of those, keep an eye on our social media and our page 'Roots Classes' to join us and explore together.

We offer classes, workshops, intensives and workshop series in for example partnering, Flying Low, Passing Through, improvisation on stage, Fighting Monkey based movement, floorwork, Girly, afro-contemporary dance, floating points, ...