Roots Compagnie

Roots Compagnie is a Belgian contemporary dance company based in Ghent, with a heart for youth and vulnerable groups

led by Helena Vandecasteele.

'Dancing from the source, from the roots, from the inside out'

Dance is a powerful language that transcends the purely aesthetic and which can be spoken or understood by everyone in their own way.

As organisation we rely on 3 pillars:

Creating performances for an inclusive audience

Creating dance with (vulnurable youth)

Creating stage opportunities

Our performances on socially relevant themes. These themes are translated in an idiosyncratic way and transferred to our audience.

'Everyone is unique and that also applies in dance. As a dancer, how is it possible to emphasize your individuality to the maximum without losing group unity? How can dance tell a story that is honest and pure, with maximum expressiveness and without losing abstraction?'