Future performances

Future performances

Trailer 'Bascule'

Bascule 2.0 @Tinnepot 


December 2, 2023


Bascule, performed by Roots company, is a piece about addiction and the inner fight between fighting and giving in. This piece was allready performed on Roots Festival 2023, a contemporary dance festival which takes place every year.

It is our goal to show dance in its versatility and totality. We want to reach out to the world with our work and our vision on dance, which is:

  • Creating and performing contemporary dance performances for a broad inclusive audience
  • Creating and performing dance pieces with (vulnerable) youth
  • Creating stage opportunities

Where: Theater Tinnenpot (Balkonzaal, Tinnenpotstraat 21, 9000 Gent
Date: December 2, 2023

Time: 20h00

Ticket prices:

  • Standard ticket: € 18
  • Youth ticket (-18 or student): € 10
  • Tickets for organizations working with youh or vulnerable people: € 5