Youth projects

Youth projects

Roots Compagnie creates workshops, classes and creative trajectories for youth and vulnerable youth. Together we create something personalized for the needs of your group. The classes are mostly improvisation based to create a common dance language in the group. There is always a possibility to work towards a performance and to enter the stage but this is never obliged.

If this is the case, we will work in a longer performance trajectory.

Performance trajectory:

These intensive trajectories always start with a creative exploration to find a common movement language. After that, we work together to create an artistic endproduct which can be performed at one of our festivals or at your organization. We offer space to discover and develop talents and to provide a (first) stage experience. Of course, a performance is never mandatory after the creative process.

Answers to FAQ's:

  • Group size does not matter and may differ from group to group. Depending on the size and the needs of the group we adapt our team.
  • We can provide a location for the sessions, however we can also work at a place close to your organisation. 
  • We don't work with a specific dancestyle. If we have to name it, the term 'contemporary dance' covers it because in this style every style is allowed.
  • We mainly work from the individual. 
  • We have a team with a dancetherapist, a choreographer, community arts expert, dance teachers, a psychologist and a occupational therapist. This team provides a strong foundation for any kind of group with any kind of needs. 

In case of interest or any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

tel: +32474235653

Previous performances

'Een kronkelende weg' by OverKop en Jes Gent at Roots Festival 2022

'Ik ben er voor u' by OverKop Gent at Roots Festival 2021

'Break out', a solo by one of the members of OverKop Gent